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What are Work Zone Flaggers?

Work Zone Flaggers are individuals who provide traffic control on highways, roads, and construction sites. The workers primary function is to safely move pedestrians and vehicles through or around work zones while keeping the on-site workers safe. In order to become a work zone flagger, you must first obtain a work zone flagger training certification.


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Work Zone Flagger Training Certification

Flagger training requirements for flagging certifications vary depending on the state which you are in. However no matter which state you are in a certain amount of flagger training is usually required if you want to work as a work zone flagger. Workers should only attend flagger courses that are administered by recognized training providers that hold a flagger training instructor certification. The flagger training course is usually held in a classroom setting and is generally about 4 hours long. The class has also been made available entirely online.


The 4 Hour Flagger Course

Specifications for the 4 hour flagger course are laid out in the MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices). During the course students will learn proper flagging techniques and procedures such as how to provide safe passage through and around work zone areas. After completing the 4-hr flagger course you will receive a 4-year flagger certification.


The Online Flagger Course

The online flagging course is practically identical to the 4 hour in-person course. The course was designed by experienced instructors and makes the certification process more convenient and less time consuming. In order to take the course online visit our website Our online flagger course meets all DOT and MUTCD Requirements for flagging training courses.

Online Flagger

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Online Flagger

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