Suspended Scaffold Training - Construction Scaffolding Safety

Suspended Scaffold Training - Construction Scaffolding Safety

16 Hour Suspended Scaffold Safety Training

NYC Rigging Rule 9 requires that workers on a suspended scaffold have a minimum of 16hrs of training. This training includes classroom training on local regulations, good rigging practices, how to read permits and counterweight formulas. It also includes extensive hands on training using both miniature and full-size equipment. Hands on training includes such things as operation of a motor, motor safety features, knot tying, fall protection, self rescue, outrigger set up, using other rigging devices, tiebacks, proper use of ladders, safety equipment and much much more. Workers will be issued photo identification on a plastic credit card type Training Certificate, which is good for 4 years. After 4 years an 8-hour refresher will be required.

16 Hour Suspended Scaffold Safety Training

32 Hour Suspended Scaffold Rigging Foreman Safety Training

NYC Rigging Rule 9 has always required that the Licensed Rigger or his Designated Rigging Foreman oversee all suspended scaffold operations. As of April 1, 2008 all new Rigging Foreman need a total of 32hrs of Training. They must have the minimum 16hrs of Suspended Scaffold Training, plus an additional 16hrs of training geared specifically for Rigging Foreman. This course involves classroom type dialog to review NYC requirements, how to compile and complete Rigging Log Books, read CD-5s, and verify worker training. There is also in depth hands on training that includes knot tying, using a voltage meter, sling angles, specialized rigging and inspections. Like the suspended scaffold class workers will receive a plastic photo ID card with a specific DOB tracking number.

32 Hour Suspended Scaffold Rigging Foreman

Construction Scaffolding Safety Courses - Suspended Scaffold Training

Construction Scaffolding Safety Courses - Suspended Scaffold Training

Pipe Scaffolding – OSHA Scaffolding Certification Training

[Translate] Pipe Scaffolding – Construction Scaffolding: Why OSHA Training Is Crucial? Work Safety, as it should be, the main focus for the workplace. Equipment and tools must be picked out with the thought that the all workers will go home safely after the job. While all swaps may have tools particular to their tasks, one […]

16 Hour Suspended Scaffold Safety Training Certification

[Translate] 16 Hour Suspended Scaffold Safety Training Certification This 16 hour Suspended Scaffold safety training certification course is required to use any type of suspended scaffold, electric or rope, regardless of height. Certifications cannot be more than 4 years old. Why Get Suspended Scaffolding Safety Training? Suspended scaffolding safety is a matter to people who do […]

Rigging Foreman Training Courses – Rigging Class

[Translate] On Suspended Scaffold Jobs in New York City at least one person every work place must be assigned as a Rigging Foreman with the 32 hour Rigging Foreman Certificate. Rigging Foreman Training Courses are held once a month. Please Call 888.926.4727 or email us at [email protected] to register or inquire about additional training dates. 32-Hour Rigging […]

32 Hour Rigging Foreman Certification Training Course

[Translate] Rigging Rule 9 asked that the Licensed Rigger or his assigned Rigging Foreman supervise the entire suspended scaffold operations. As of April 1, 2008 all fresh Rigging Foreman require a total of 32 hours of Training and certification. Rigging Foreman must have the minimum 16 hours of Suspended Scaffold Training, plus a supplementary 16 […]

Industrial Pipe Scaffolding Training Courses

[Translate] Able Safety Consulting provides technical support, information and training, consulting and audits of health and safety practices and compliance with respect to scaffolding, dismantling and use. Academic departments that require employees to use a scaffold shall appoint a “competent person” to supervise the installation, mounting and dismantling of scaffolding. The competent person must understand […]

Scaffolding Safety Training Course / OSHA Requirements

[Translate] Contrary to ladders, scaffolds provide you with a platform to work as well as navigate around on. Safety is particularly vital when performing on scaffolding; OSHA recommends taking a Scaffolding Safety Training Course with stipulations for various kinds of scaffolding. Mastery provides training for supported and suspended scaffolding. Scaffolding Safety Training Course  “Suspended Scaffolding Safety” […]

Supported & Suspended Scaffold Training Certification Course (Spanish/English)

[Translate] Supported Scaffold Training Course Training certification for supported scaffolds is available in Spanish and English, the course asked by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This 4hr supported scaffold training course employs synergistic manner to teach your workers how to fend off injury and follow the OSHA training requirements. In this 4hr course, your […]

Scaffold Safety Training – Suspended Scaffolding

[Translate] Suspended Scaffolding Safety Suspended scaffolding safety is a concern to individual who do work high above the ground on scaffolds. Suspended scaffolds are compiled of one or several platforms that are hung by fiber rope or metal. The intention of the rope is to elevate and lower the platforms to several work areas. The […]

OSHA Scaffolding Safety Training Courses Requirements

[Translate] The highly occurrence of scaffolding at work site generates an unsafe job environment. Falls, falling stuff as well as structure unpredictability is typically harmful possibilities. OSHA scaffolding specifications along with the 1996 alterations to 29 CFR 1926.451 help make working on and around scaffolding less dangerous. Initially adopted in 1971, OSHA’s very first scaffolding […]

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