Silica Awareness Course

Silica Awareness Course - Silica Awareness Training

Breathing is an act we regularly ignore. Often, what we inhale may harm our bodies and perhaps result in lasting damage. That is certainly certainly true of crystalline silica. Silica is a prevalent workplace hazard in many industries, from metal polishing to brick, tile as well as concrete production. Inhaling in dust containing silica particles will build up in the lungs as well as scar them, causing silicosis.

Able Safety Consulting’s Silica Awareness course will let you know to determine what silica is, its health side effects, where it might be present in the workplace, as well as ways to help you in working safely with silica. Enroll Now! Crystalline Silica Hazard Awareness

Silica Awareness Course Outline:

  • What is Crystalline Silica?
  • What Happens When Crystalline Silica is Inhaled?
  • Combating Crystalline Silica
  • Respiratory Precautions
  • OSHA’s Final Rule
  • OSHA’s Final Rule & Construction
  • OSHA’s Final Rule & General Industry Jobs

Upon successful completion of Silica Awareness online course, each and every attendee will get a certificate of completion.

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