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Scaffold Safety Training – OSHA Scaffolding Training

suspended scaffolding certification course


Day by day construction is all just about us. In order for constructions to go up, however, people must climb up as well. Supported Scaffolding is a platform supported by a sturdy system of poles, uprights, legs, frames and posts that allows a worker additional freedom of movement while working up above ground. The platforms are attached by stairs or ramps for comfortable access. However, these systems can be life-threatening, which is why Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have Supported Scaffolding Safety Training recommendations for us to abide by.

Scaffold Safety Training - OSHA Scaffolding Training

OSHA Scaffold Safety Training

Acting upon on scaffolding can be life-threatening; however it doesn’t need to be. Well-built scaffolding helps hold back workers safe, yet, common sense and employing safe working practices are the most crucial part of staying secure while working up on scaffolding.

Required to use, be on, or work off any supported scaffolding of any height or purpose in NYC. This 4hr class is for users only; if you build or alter a scaffold more than 40′ above ground level you must have a 32hr Supported Scaffold Certificate.

Scaffold Safety Training - OSHA Scaffolding Training

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