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osha 10 hour nyc

OSHA 10 Hour NYC Classes

New York, New York City (NYC) – As one of a leading safety training provider, ABLE Safety Consulting are devoted to promote health and protect life of workers/employees through high-quality safety Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training courses. ABLE Safety Consulting offer OSHA  10 Hour NYC and 30 Hour NYC training classes concerning all views of the general and construction industries. ABLE Safety Consulting is recognized for delivering efficient and high quality training at affordable rates.

New York State requires that all construction workers involved in public works have a 10 hour Construction OSHA Card. New York City requires that construction workers involved in projects that require a Site Safety Plan, being over 100,000 square feet or over 10 stories in height, have a 10 hour Construction OSHA Card that has been issued within the past 5 years.

OSHA 10 Hour NYC – Able Safety

Employers who have trained their workers with the OSHA Outreach Program for Construction have seen reductions of up to 66% in lost-time injuries. This 10-hour construction safety course is the online and the traditional classroom version of our successful program and is intended to provide instruction on a variety of general construction safety and health standards. As an OSHA 10-hour course, you are expected to spend a minimum of 10 hours in the course.

Our OSHA 10 hour NYC classes will assist workers to prevent occupational injuries and accident as well as learn about OSHA’s wide safety regulations. ABLE Safety Consulting OSHA 10 hour training course also complies with the OSHA standards. We deliver 10 hour OSHA training class to our participants in a economical and fast manner. Our OSHA 10 hour classes can be accomplished consorting to your or organization’s timetable.

Take your OSHA 10 hour NYC and get your OSHA 10 hour card as soon as possible. We offer OSHA 10 hour NYC classes for the general and construction industry.

OSHA 10 Hour Certification

Not only have states embraced Safety and Health platforms that take OSHA training, a state ask OSHA 10 hour NYC classes training to accomplished construction contracts and public work projects.

OSHA 10 hour Training Course

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