EPA 609 Automotive A/C Certification Training

A/C Certification

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Section 609 of the Clean Air Act blankets technician certification in the motor vehicle sector exclusively. EPA 609 Automotive A/C Certification Training allows technicians to:

  1. Perform service for consideration on motor vehicle air-conditioning systems;
  2. Purchase R-12 and ozone-depleting substitutes that have been found acceptable for use in motor vehicle air conditioners.

Note: EPA 609 Automotive A/C Training¬†Certification is asked in order to service air conditioners of motor vehicle; certification isn’t demanded to purchase R-134a.

EPA 609 Automotive A/C Certification Training and Testing: Under the EPA Section 609, that took effect November 15, 1992, the sale of refrigerants in air conditioners of motor vehicle was bounded to 20 lb containers and became available only to EPA 609 Automotive A/C certified technicians. Only certified technicians acknowledge by federal agency may purchase any size container of refrigerant. The laws on refrigerant covering are strictly imposed.

The “Mobile Air Conditioning Certification Training Manual” has been published for technicians who cater mobile air conditioning systems and require turning certified under Section 609. The EPA Section 609 Certification tests are in two formats: a proctored closed book test and a self-study mail-in open book test.

We provide EPA¬†EPA Section 608 and 609 training, certification and testing by qualified instructors at affordable rates. Remember EPA requires you to comply by Section 609 before your repair or service any motor vehicle’s air conditioner.

To acquire more information about EPA Section 608 and 609 training, certification and testing, please fill-up ABLE Safety Consulting reservation form.


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