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32 hour Rigging Foreman Certification Training Course

Suspended Scaffold Training - Construction Scaffolding Safety

Rigging Rule 9 asked that the Licensed Rigger or his assigned Rigging Foreman supervise the entire suspended scaffold operations. As of April 1, 2008 all fresh Rigging Foreman require a total of 32 hours of Training and certification. Rigging Foreman must have the minimum 16 hours of Suspended Scaffold Training, plus a supplementary 16 hours of training pitched specifically for Rigging Foreman. This 32 hour Rigging Foreman Certification course implies classroom type dialog to go over requirements, how to roll up and accomplished Rigging Log Books, read CD-5s, and verify worker preparation. There’s also in depth hands on preparation that includes using a voltage meter, knot tying, specialized rigging, sling angles, and inspections. Similar to the suspended scaffold course workers will obtain a plastic photo ID card with a particular DOB tracking number.

Please note: Email ABLE Safety Consulting and call us 888.926.4727 to register for 32 hour Rigging Foreman Certification Training Course and additional dates or group’s discounts.

Construction Scaffolding Safety Courses – Suspended Scaffold Training

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