10 Hour OSHA Safety Course Philadelphia – Required Construction Worker Training Class

10 Hour OSHA Safety Course

10 Hour OSHA Safety Course

OSHA 10 Hour Safety CourseTraining in Philadelphia – Able Safety

Philadelphia (PA) – Currently, there are approximately 7 individual states in the country which have rendered it compulsory for construction employees to accomplish a 10 hour OSHA safety course to acquire and started with work. This regulation was handed in September 2009 and is particularly still taking place solid. In accordance with OSHA, companies in the construction business are considered to generally be responsible for giving all their workers with the required safety trainings in order to avoid unsafe working problems that they might have to deal with at the workplace.

The 10 hour OSHA safety course includes many different topics that range from the Overview of OSHA, Fall Protection, General Safety & Health Provisions, Hand & Power Tools, Electrical, Personal Protective Equipment, Materials Handling, Storage and Disposal, etc. To be able to receive a certification for the 10 Hour OSHA Safety Course, all employees should primary pass the tests and final assessment.

States that Required 10 hour OSHA Safety Course Training for a Construction Worker

New York, Nevada, Connecticut, Missouri, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Hampshire are definitely the 7 states that need employees to be OSHA 10 hour certified to be able to work on public construction jobs. It is very important note that the OSHA safety trainings were all at first created to be voluntary trainings, nevertheless, with the development of the number of work connected fatalities and accidental injuries, many states made these safety trainings compulsory.

We Do Work in the Following States

  • New York – NY
  • New Jersey – NJ
  • Connecticut – CT
  • Pennsylvania – PA
  • Maryland – MD
  • Delaware – DE
  • Massachusetts – MA
  • Rhode Island – RI

OSHA 10 Hour Training Course

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  1. Michael Krebsbach says:

    I need to know if you are available to conduct a Philadelphia on-site OSHA 10 Hour Construction Certification training with one of our Association Members on January 20th and 21st, the training would be from 11:30-5:30 and be 20-30 people roughly. I also need to know what you would charge for this session.
    Thank you.

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